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Nalandabodhi Vancouver

4610 Earles Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5R 3R2 Canada

3008 Vanness Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5R 4Z8 Canada




You have a choice: the 29th Avenue Skytrain station (a block away) and three Translink bus routes: Routes #16, #26 and #29.


If you are driving, you have 3 choices for parking.

  1. Try the small parking lot behind our centre (4610 Earles Street). Space is limited.
  2. If our lot is full, you may park directly in front of our building ONLY. If these spaces are taken, please DO NOT park in front of the surrounding residential houses.
  3. Park on 29th Avenue beside Slocan Park (just down the street from the 29th Avenue Skytrain Station.) There are many unrestricted parking spaces there. To get to our building, walk over the bridge and up Vanness Ave to Earles Street. It's less than a 5 minute walk.

Parking is an issue. To secure the successful future of our Centre, we are trying not to annoy our neighbours by parking in front of their homes. Please take this parking matter seriously - to avoid having our neighbours make complaints to the City. If the City feels that we are disrupting the neighbourhood, they can take away our conditional permit to use our building as a public meditation centre. Please help us by cooperating with these parking regulations.

If possible, please help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do not drive. Take public transit, ride your bike, walk, . . . . The 29th Avenue Skytrain Station is literally a 2-minute walk from our Centre; bus #26 runs right by our door. Please take advantage of this great public transit.

Thank you all for your dedicated help.

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