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Maitrivana Roof Completed!

We’re delighted to report that Maitrivana’s new roof is complete – and came in on budget. We are so thankful for the great generosity of our sangha, whose many individual donations allowed us to make these important repairs. Thank you! Lama reports that the new roof makes the residence a bit cooler in the summer heat.

Work on the roof began in early April and the atrium vents were completed in June. RooFix did a great job, and we want to thank NBV member Ben Vandenberghe for coordinating with them so expertly in all phases of the project. Thank you, Lama Rabten, for your great patience and equanimity. Thank you, Nalandabodhi Canada, for your financial assistance. Thank you, Rinpoche, for your ongoing guidance and wisdom.

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Our doors are temporarily closing

Nalandabodhi Vancouver is heeding the wise call to suspend public gatherings.

For the foreseeable future, dharma programs will no longer happen at Maitrivana.

We encourage our friends and members to stay home when possible, to stay caring together, and to stay connected to dharma @ Nalandabodhi via the illusion of Zoom.

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