Maitrivana Reopening!

Dear Friends and Members of Nalandabodhi Vancouver,

We’re very excited that Nalandabodhi Vancouver is reopening after an extensive “closed doors” period – due to the pandemic and then a serious flood in January. We’re delighted to announce that our home, Maitrivana, the Garden of Loving Kindness, is now fully restored.

Lama Rabten, our beloved spiritual teacher, led an auspicious in-person practice on Saka Dawa Düchen (Shakyamuni Festival) on Sunday, May 15.

However, Covid-19 is still very much a factor. Based on the expressed concerns of Vancouver members, we ask that all in-person participants be triple-vaccinated and wear a mask inside Maitrivana (except while eating and drinking). We will set things up so people can social distance themselves. We will also be requiring registration for all in-person events, capping the number of participants at 18.

We’ll be announcing further in-person practices soon, and we are working on developing the technological support so we can host “hybrid” events. This means that you will be able to join the practice via Zoom meeting or attend in person.

We look forward to connecting and reconnecting with you in the dharma!

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